McIntyre finishes 8th at Wildwater World Cup

Robert McIntyre
Robert McIntyre in action on the Sprint Rapid at the Saalach River, Lofer Austria
Sam Lyons, Sunday, 22 June 2014

Robert McIntyre produced a great performance to finish 8th at the Sprint event of World Cup 2 in Austria.

Friday saw the first of the World Cup Races on the Saalach River in Lofer Austria.  It was the Classic race and in the men's K1 Robert McIntyre placed 26th in the field of 38 starters.  The winner was the Austrian Veteran Gerhard Schmid from another seasoned campaigner in Kamil Mruzek from the Czech Republic taking the silver with Felix Bovet from France taking the bronze.

In the lady's K1 Maddie Batters finished 15th in the field of 17 starters.  It was however a trifecta for the Swiss ladies.  Sabine Eichenberger took the gold with team mates Deborah Fogel and Chantel Abgottspon taking the silver and bronze respectively.

Today World Cup 2 sprints were held with 2 qualifying rounds and then a final of the top 15 men's K1 and 12 woman's K1.  After run 1 Robert McIntyre was placed 16th in the field of 41 starters while Maddie Batters was 15th in the field of 18 starters.  3 hours later at the time of second runs both our Australian athletes needed to produce better runs on a lower river in order to advance to the finals.

Maddie Batters paddled very well to improve her first run time by 2.09 seconds but unfortunately she only retained the 15th position in the event.

In the men's second run event 7 of the top 9 first run paddlers did not contest their second runs. Robert McIntyre who was under considerable pressure to produce a better run in the lower water did just that with the equal fastest second run contested time of 1:06.2 which was an improvement of 1.42 seconds which saw him qualify equal 11th fastest for the afternoon final.

In the final McIntyre produced a solid performance with a run time of 1:06.46 to finish in 8th position.  The eventual winner was Slovenian Nejc Znidarcic in a blistering time of 1:02.26 some 1.99 seconds ahead of the Czech Republic's Richard Hala in a finish time of 1:04.25 with local Austrian paddler Gerhard Schmid rounding out the third place in a time of 1:05.04.

In the woman's final Alice Schmitt of France took the Gold with Costanza Bonaccorsi of Italy taking silver and Chantal Abgottsponof Switzerland taking the bronze.

In the men's C2 the local Austrian pairing of Filzwieser and Draxl were winners and favourites with the crowd with German pairings of Nies and Pesch taking silver and Brucker and Weber taking the bronze.

Tomorrow will see the 3rd World Cup classic race before moving onto Vienna for the final Sprint race the following Saturday.